Only a small number of innovations become successful products given that markets strive for balance, and innovation abruptly changes this balance because it is “different” by nature. This leads to the paradox situation in which markets refuse innovation by default.

This is where MIN assists you as a strong partner from market analysis to potential analysis and successful market entry to the entire life cycle management. This is how an innovation becomes a successful product.

We offer

  • Best practices of market entry on innovations in medical technology
  • Proven international distribution organisation that works
  • Long-standing customer relations and access to key opinion leaders
  • A quick acquisition of reference clients for optimised cash flow
  • A professional model for exit-oriented start-up companies

Together with leading physicians,

we analyse innovations objectively and exactly. At least one of the following success factors needs to be confirmed multiple times and independently:

  • Increase in the success of a therapy or improvement of treatment quality
  • Reduction of treatment risks or risks of side effects
  • Improving or shortening treatment times and diagnoses
  • Improving the quality of life of patients
  • Prolonging precious life time
  • Improving productivity and the workload of medical specialists
  • Improving health and safety
  • Reducing process and total costs

Advantages for investors

  • Reduced costs of market entry
  • Optimised cash flow and earlier break even
  • Increased company value because of improved sales results
  • Reduced risk of failure for start-up companies
  • Increased attractiveness for strategic partners

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